The Best Monitor Stands and Mounts for Sim Racing – Buyer’s Guide

quad monitor setup with the overpower monitor stand
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Fitted vs. Free Standing: Which one should you choose?

The never-ending debate between fitted and free-standing monitor mounts has confused beginners and sometimes, even veterans need help to make the final choice. In this brief guide, we’ll present you with all the facts to help you make an educated decision.

Fitted Mounts

Sim enthusiasts with limited space always opt for the fitted mounts since they don’t take up much space and are easier to configure with a few simple nuts and bolts on the chassis. With on-board fitting, you’re getting a rigid setup that won’t fall off if you accidentally bump into it. Also, fitted monitor mounts are generally inexpensive and that is why they’re often preferred.


  • Easy to set up
  • Cheap
  • Perfect for compact spaces


  • Less room for adjustment 
  • Shaky display with forced feedback vibrations
  • Puts stress on the chassis

Free Standing Mounts

A free-standing monitor mount is the way to go if you have plenty of space around your gear. Free-standing mounts are completely separate from your chassis and you have the freedom to set up these mounts anywhere you want. Typically, free-standing mounts come with rubber feet which gives them an excellent grip and these are generally easier to maintain.


  • Adjustable
  • It is completely separate from the chassis and doesn’t put any stress on it
  • Easier to maintain


  • An accidental bump can send it flying
  • Generally expensive
  • Takes up extra space around your setup

Final Verdict

Both, fitted and free-standing mounts have their own pros and cons and at the end, you’re the one who is going to make the final decision. If you don’t have a lot of space, a fitted mount comes highly recommended as you can simply screw it in. On the other hand, if you have some extra space around the setup and can pay a little extra, the free-standing mount usually works best.


Without wanting to spoil the point of the article, the TL;DR: If you’re a details person and you really want to get the best possible alignment for your triple monitors, the stand below is the stand(alone) to have. There are lots to choose from though so please read on…

The VARIO™ Triple monitor mount from Sim-Lab makes it easy to perfectly align your monitors and enjoy your triple screen setup thanks to Sim-Lab’s game-changing Vario Vesa Mounts

Choosing the right monitor stand is going to be a decision that will vary a lot depending on your rig and room, and it’s something that I would put a reasonable amount of thought into during the planning stages.

It’s essential to make sure that whatever stand you choose can cater to the sizes of your screens. With that said, here are some great choices on the market to suit different types of setups. Personally, I’ve always preferred mounting the monitor directly onto my sim racing cockpit.

What are you looking to achieve?

There are really only two variables to take into account with any monitor setup for a racing sim:

  • Good triple monitor alignment
  • Monitor as close as possible to driver for the best FOV
My rig needs a tidy but I’m always testing new gear! Anyway – look how close my G9 is to me. 85cms to be exact

I have my G9 85cms away from my eyes which gives enormous scope for a good FOV (field of view) despite it “only” being a 49″ monitor rather than a triple configuration.

Note that the monitor mount that came with original rig is very simple: a few brackets and a single horizontal section of 40×40 aluminum profile. That is, surprisingly, enough to hand a G9 on (it has a special bracket that the VESA mount bolts to).

Anyway, in today’s post, we’ll look at some of the more popular universal monitor stand options, which all come from our usual suppliers: Sim-Lab, Racing Cockpits, and Pro-Sim Rig gear from RaceAnywhere.

Sim Lab VARIO™ Triple monitor mount

This is the latest stand to come from Sim Lab, the VARIO™ Triple monitor mount, a top-of-the-line product that is the result of years of research and development. This thing really raises the “bar” (if there is a bar set monitor mounts?).

One of the key features of this product is Sim Lab’s VARIO™ Vesa Adapters, which allow for micro-adjustments of your monitors up, down, left, and right. With this feature, you can easily align your monitors with each other, ensuring a perfect viewing experience. This technology has been rapidly embraced by sim racers because they make it so much easier to align your triples.

The Vario mounts supplied allow you to align your screen(s) with extreme precision and can accommodate 100×100 mm / 75 x 75 mm VESA connections (depending on the option you choose on the product page).

VARIO™ Triple monitor mount

In addition to the VARIO™ Vesa Adapters, the VARIO™ Triple monitor mount also features new aluminum extrusion profiles with one side closed, giving it a clean and stylish finish. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, providing a sturdy and durable mount for your monitors.

The VARIO™ Triple monitor mount is compatible with monitors up to 43 inches in size. It also features Xero-Play™ pivot adapters, which eliminate any sag in the arm, ensuring that your monitors stay in the perfect position at all times. The side-arms of the triple monitor stand are fused together, without losing the adjustability and degrees of freedom. This provides stability and ensures that your monitors stay in the perfect position, no matter how much you move them.

The VARIO™ Triple monitor mount kit comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting your monitors, including aluminum profiles and mounting materials, VARIO™ Vesa Adapters, and Xero-Play™ Pivot Adapters. With this kit, you can easily set up your triple monitor mount and start enjoying a perfect viewing experience. Whether you are a gamer, a sim racer, or a professional, the VARIO™ Triple monitor mount is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable, and stylish monitor mount.

Sim Lab VESA Triple Monitor Mount

This triple monitor mount is “free-standing” meaning it does not need to attach to your sim rig. It’s a perfect addition to your setup if you’re planning to migrate to a triple monitor setup, it’s also half the cost of it’s bigger brother, the Vario version.

Constructed in profile aluminum, the triple mount features adjustable height and side monitor angles so you can achieve the correct field of view. This unit is supplied as a kit and is really easy to assemble with basic tools. It is available in a choice of VESA sizes and can support triple 19″ to 42″ monitors.

Sim Lab VESA Triple Monitor Mount
Sim Lab VESA Triple Monitor Mount
  • $299
  • Fits up to three 49″ Monitors
  • High-grade aluminum profiles with no flex

Advanced Sim Racing Free-Standing Single TV & Monitor Stand

If you’re eyeing a free-standing monitor stand to pair up with your Samsung G9 49” or any other 50” monitor, the Advanced Sim Racing Free-Standing Single Monitor Stand is another stellar piece of hardware that you can go with.

Featuring an aluminum body with an infinite black or matt black finish, this single monitor stand isn’t only durable, but also a sight for sore eyes. Moreover, in this package, you’re getting 100/75mm VESA mounts, making it an ideal choice for most gamers.

Advanced Sim Racing Free-Standing Single TV & Monitor Stand
Advanced Sim Racing Free-Standing Single TV & Monitor Stand

And for players who prefer a TV for all those stunning visuals, the stand can also feature a Universal TV VESA mount for easy configuration. Moving on, the stand is adjustable and it allows you to set your own viewing angles, making it the obvious choice for most gamers. 

As for assembling, you won’t have much of an issue since you’ll get proper documentation alongside a quick-start YouTube video for understanding all the basics. In short, it is a pretty spectacular option if you’re after a sturdy stand for your single monitor setup.

Treq Sim Triple Monitor Stand 75-100

The Treq Sim Triple Monitor Stand 75-100 makes a strong impression with its sturdy aluminum build and adjustable body, allowing you to have the perfect viewing angles with a triple-monitor setup. This free-standing supports up to 3×27-inch monitors without breaking a sweat and offers viewing angles between 35° and 75°.

Treq Sim Triple Monitor Stand 75-100
Treq Sim Triple Monitor Stand 75-100

As for the VESA standards, you can easily mount any monitor that is compatible with 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mounts. If you’re rocking non-curved monitors, they’d go perfectly with this stand. 

For a sim gamer who’s craving the perfect display that completely wraps your field of vision, this triple monitor stand is a pretty good option. One of the finest features of this stand is that it is pocket-friendly and won’t make much of a dent in your bank statement. 

Moreover, assembling this mount is quite straight forward and it will probably take around an hour to set this thing up. All-in-all, it is a pretty good option if you’re looking for a triple-monitor stand that checks all the boxes. 

RCP PRO Series – TRIPLE Monitor Mount

This is the sim racing monitor mount intended for the amazingly priced “RCP Cockpit PRO” for an “unparalleled gaming experience”. The Triple Monitor Version boasts 5-axis adjustability, allowing you to customize your arm angles, forward/back positioning, height, rotation, and tilt to your preference.

RCP Pro Series Triple Monitor Mount
RCP Pro Series Triple Monitor Mount (view here)

The mount comes with a Structural Aluminum Extrusion, Connecting Brackets, Smart Pivot Plates with a built-in angle meter, and 3 VESA Mounts. Additionally, all nuts, screws, and hardware are included, making it easy to assemble and install.

Angle indicator etched onto the brackets for the RCP PRO Series - TRIPLE Monitor Mount
Angle indicator etched onto the brackets for the RCP PRO Series – TRIPLE Monitor Mount

This mount supports any monitors up to 36” (or 34″ if curved) with VESA 75 or VESA 100 mounting holes, making it compatible with virtually every standard (non-ultra wide) monitor on the market. For ultra-wide monitors, I recommend you take a look at the single monitor stand, below for a better fit.

This particular mount caught my eye because it’s obvious that the mounting is all done by bracket so, you can accommodate non-RCP cockpits with this stand, too. Provided that the vertical sections this monitor is intended to be mounted on (see picture) have a reasonable amount of height then it’ll work. That, or just buy an entire RCP rig!

RCP PRO Series – SINGLE Monitor Mount

This single sim racing monitor mount is a specially designed accessory that is compatible with the RCP Cockpit PRO. This mount is perfect for sim racing enthusiasts who want to enhance their gaming experience with an ultra-wide monitor. It is a single-monitor version that is built with ultra-wide monitors in mind.

RCP PRO Series - SINGLE Monitor Mount
RCP PRO Series – SINGLE Monitor Mount

This monitor mount is highly adjustable with 4-axis adjustability features that allow you to adjust the monitor’s position according to your preference. It can be adjusted forward and backward, in height, rotation, and tilt. The mount is made with high-quality structural aluminum extrusion, which ensures its durability and longevity.

The package includes connecting brackets, a VESA mount, and all the necessary nuts, screws, and hardware required for installation. This makes it easy for users to install the mount on their own.

The mount is compatible with any monitor that has VESA 75 or VESA 100 mounting holes, depending on the option you choose on the product page. This makes it compatible with almost every monitor available on the market.

In terms of other rig compatibility, essentially the kit is made from lengths of aluminum profile and brackets. With simple alignment adjustments, this gives plenty of scope for you to fit the mount to your own rig, too.

Treq Unified Triple Monitor Mount

Mount your screens directly onto your rig with this highly adaptable triple-screen support:

Treq Unified Triple Monitor Support

Adjust the distance and angle of your screens between 35° and 75° without requiring any extra tools, thanks to those nicely-designed VESA adapters. Note, that the maximum screen size for this support is 27 inches.

All the necessary fasteners for mounting three screens are included in the package.

RaceAnywhere PRO SIMRIG Triple Monitor Stand

PRO SIMRIG monitor stands from Raceanywhere are built to stand separately from the sim rig. There are several options including “heavy duty” and of course colour. You can buy it in silver or black!

RaceAnywhere PRO SIMRIG Triple Monitor Stand
RaceAnywhere PRO SIMRIG Triple Monitor Stand

The benefit of a stand-alone monitor stand (rather than connected to the rig itself) is that you can move the stand without disassembling your entire setup. It takes a lot of weight from the main rig, too.

Trak Racer Large Cockpit-Mounted Single Monitor Stand

If you’re after a solid cock-pit mounted single monitor stand for your rig, the Trak Racer Large Cockpit-Mounted Single Monitor Stand is a pretty impressive choice. Featuring aluminum construction with carbon steel mounting brackets, you’re getting top-notch quality here. 

The stand boasts a 47.25-inch wide chassis and supports everything from 75mm to 400mm VESA mounts. And regardless of what monitor or TV you’re using, this chassis can easily be configured with all the compatible devices. 

Trak Racer Large Cockpit-Mounted Single Monitor Stand
Trak Racer Large Cockpit-Mounted Single Monitor Stand

In this package, you’re getting all the mounting plates, fixing screws, VESA mounting brackets, and VESA extension brackets which makes the configuration quite straightforward. Moving on, the stand is quite flexible as it allows you to easily adjust the height and the viewing angles, making it the perfect choice for a sim racer. 

Finally, the price tag here feels right for this solid chassis and if you decide to get your hands on this chassis, you’ll get the best bang for the buck.

Vario Vesa Monitor Mount Adapter Kit

If you already have a mount, but you’re looking for a good way to improve your existing setup, I can’t recommend enough trying the Vario Vesa Adapter kit from Sim-Lab. Like any VESA mount, it lets you securely mount your monitor. However, there are fine-tuning options for the position of your sim racing monitor(s), allowing you can compose the perfect viewing angle from your racing seat. For me, this really helps get the alignment right which is probably the biggest hurdle when you’re setting these things up.

Whether you have a single or triple-monitor setup, the Vario Vesa Adapter provides a solid mounting solution that directly connects to your aluminum profile crossbar. Using simple hex bolts, the mounts allow very fine adjustment to the monitor angle and height.

Vario Vesa Adapter (single)
Vario Vesa Adapter (single)

Thanks to the adapter’s newly designed VARIO™ technology, you make vertical and horizontal adjustments and rotations with incredible accuracy, so it’s easier than ever to make minute adjustments and ensure the optimum positioning of each monitor.

Vario Vesa Adapter Kit mounted on 80x20 profile
Vario Vesa Adapter Kit mounted on 80×20 profile

The kit allows you to align your screen(s) with the utmost precision and can accommodate 100×100 mm / 75 x 75 mm VESA connections with the standard bracket and up to 200 x 200 mm with the purchase of an additional Vesa bracket. You can buy the adapter as a single unit or as a bundle of three units for triple monitors.

It’s also possible to purchase an adapter for BENQ EX3203R / EX3501

Bezel-free kits for Triple Monitor setups

A “Bezel free kit” is an accessory that can be slotted between each of the monitors to eliminate the black gaps (bezels) between screens. Essentially, you have the illusion of an ultrawide single monitor rather than 3 separate monitors with visible bezels. Bezel-free kits refract light from the edges of each display and blend the two light sources almost seamlessly.

They’re basically angled plastic corners, that clip in place between your monitors, and are intended to cover the bezel by slightly bending light around them. Clever stuff! This makes the picture between the lenses slightly dimmer than the rest of the display but it’s easily less of a distraction than staring at black bezel gaps!

ASUS Bezel Free Kit
ASUS Bezel Free Kit comes with 2 units like this one for each bezel in a triple-screen setup

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