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What are the best sim rigs on the market?

what are the best sim rigs on the market?

Sim racing rigs (or “cockpits” – the frame upon which you mount all of your racing simulator gear) come in many shapes and sizes, with a huge variety of choice in terms of build quality, strength, rigidity, and of course price. It is possible to buy a rig frame as a separate unit or as part of a bundle package with a seat, and in certain cases, some other accessories too.

When you pick your seat and frame, keep in mind the available space you have, how powerful your
equipment is, and how much you want to spend.

The more expensive the seat and the frame, the sturdier they will be, allowing for more powerful
wheels and pedals. This is important to remember if you’re using a direct drive wheelbase because if your rig is
not robust enough to handle the forces that will be exerted upon it by the wheelbase, the frame will flex, and possibly snap!

As a point of reference, when I use the term rig in this article it will refer to the frame and seat. Four out of my five choices are sold as a combo, while one requires that you purchase the seat
separately, and thus the seat is not included in the listed price.

Also, I won’t be covering any beginner or entry-level rigs such as wheel stands, so this will be a top 5 list of full-frame rigs as they offer a much more immersive racing experience.

5. Next Level Racing GT Ultimate – £499

The first rig on my list is the Next Level Racing GT Ultimate. At £499, this intermediate-level rig is used by thousands of sim racers around the world, and allows for a full range of adaptability, making it the perfect rig to start your journey in racing.

Next Level Racing GT Ultimate
Next Level Racing GT Ultimate

This rig is compatible with all major brands including Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec. It allows for an adjustable wheel position, as well as moveable gear shifter and pedal placements, to suit different sized users.

Additional extras in the package include a seat slider, a gear shifter holder, a lumbar support cushion, and a 4-point racing harness. The major drawback of this rig is that it is NOT suitable for DD wheels and high-end professional

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Trak Racer RS6 MACH 3 – £549

By gathering feedback from the RS6 MK2, Trak Racer has now released the updated MK3 with improvements made to the design based on customer feedback. Updates from the previous models include a new pedal plate with an additional frame added to the underside of the pedal plate to increase rigidity, stiffened wheel support by using a thicker frame, and a high-quality fibreglass seat.

Trak Racer RS6 MACH 3
Trak Racer RS6 MACH 3

The RS6’s 2″ iron construction is guaranteed to last for years and will ensure stable gameplay with
DD wheels, plus it comes complete with a 5-year warranty.

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Rseat RS1 – £599

Trusted by thousands of happy customers and sim racers worldwide, the RS1 is built from laser cut
carbon steel and CNC tubes, which guarantees extreme rigidity and solidity.

Rseat RS1
Rseat RS1 in Black

With an asymmetrical design and incredibly similar name to the RS6 from Trak Racer, you would be forgiven for mixing
up the RS1 and the RS6 if it weren’t for the big brand logos.

The base-level RS1 is available for £599 and comes with a shifter mount and seat sliders included.
It’s also possible to upgrade the RS1 to include full motion, but additional (not to mention expensive) equipment is needed to modify the rig for that purpose, and in my opinion, unnecessary.

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Sim Lab P1-X

The Sim-Lab P1-X is an extremely strong rig, meaning it is capable of handling the most powerful
DD wheels, with no flex. Heralded for its adjustability, the aluminium profile construction means that
the cockpit is very adaptable.

Sim Lab P1-X

As well as this, the potential to customise your rig is nearly endless, with a massive number of accessories available, such as shifters, monitor stands, button boxes, keyboards trays, mousepads, etc.

For £659, you only get the frame, and therefore you will need to source the seat, seat brackets, plus mounting plates for a shifter and heel plate separately. For some people, this is negative, while other people like the freedom of being able to decide exactly what seat and accessories they want. A good racing seat can be had from around £300, but you can pick the best seat to suit your size and budget.

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Rseat N1 – £1,399

The Rseat N1 is the flagship rig of the superb Rseat range, incorporating both strength and unique design into one fantastic package. The N1 frame is fully adjustable, meaning you can adjust the seat and pedals to the perfect settings to fit your body size.

Rseat N1 in black
Rseat N1 in black

If you’re looking for a rig that will see you through many years of sim racing, and that offers the
ultimate blend of strength, adjustability, flexibility, comfort, and aesthetics, then you can’t go wrong
with the N1.

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