Sim Racing Gear Reviews

I’ve been a racing driver for just a little over 9 years now, and I’ve spent almost half of that time using a racing simulator to practice my car handling technique, racecraft and technical abilities when it comes to sim setup. Part of my job is to not only evaluate sim racing gear from a review and consumer recommendations point of view but also to rate equipment based on real-world feel.

That’s why every single one of my sim racing equipment reviews always covers how an item feels during use. Most of the equipment featured on my site is self-owned, which I think gives me space to provide a completely unbiased perspective. With that being said, of course, manufacturers send me sim racing gear to review; but that doesn’t affect the “bias” towards the manufacturer or product; I simply say no to review requests for equipment I know I won’t like.

Take a look at my recent reviews below or sort by manufacturer using the links provided:

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