Cube Controls Wheels & Pedals: Buyer’s Guide

Cube Controls CSX3

Cube Controls is a dynamic company, founded by an ex-motorcycle racer with a lifelong passion for racing, and a sim racer who built his own steering wheels to enhance his gaming setup. Today, Cube Controls has established itself as a market-leading team of 16 devoted sim racing professionals.

In my buyer’s guide, I’m only including the wheels I’ve tested, owned or own. In fact, my first “proper” sim racing wheel was the Cube Controls Formula Sport.

Cube Controls Formula Sport
My original Cube Controls Formula Sport (via How to build a high-end racing simulator on a budget)

While the Formula Sport is now unavailable, the F-Core is closest in terms of feel and it’s several hundred Euros / Dollars cheaper too.

Cube Controls: Wheels and Pedals Buyer’s Guide

Whichever Cube Controls wheel you buy, it’ll be good.

Cube Controls make really good wheels. What I really like about the Cube Controls team is their excitement for product development and feedback (as a reviewer, they really listen to what I have to say!). Striving for top-tier performance, they aim to offer customers the precision and feel of a real, Motorsport steering wheel. There are many common themes between each of the wheels I’ve selected below. They all feel “ultra-stiff”, they have a great elastomer grip compound, all of the buttons, switches, toggles and rotaries feel good – and that glossy carbon fibre faceplate always looks amazing.

Cube Controls F-Pro
My setup: Cube Controls F-Pro – my main sim racing wheel

Cube Controls F-Core

The Cube Controls F-Core (review link) is a robust sim racing wheel with an impressive number of features to cater to the needs of an intermediate to seasoned sim racer. The design is distinctly Cube Controls, and it is immediately recognizable by its carbon faceplate and exceptionally grippy moulded grips, creating a solid, tactile interaction with the wheel, and a communicative experience with your direct drive wheelbase.

Cube Controls F-Core
Cube Controls F-Core

Built to last, the F-Core employs a 4mm carbon-fibre front plate and a die-cast aluminium main body. Despite its durability, the wheel manages to maintain a lightweight footprint, weighing just 895g. This balance between strength and weight proves advantageous during intense racing moments, and I think that 895g is the lightest sim racing wheel on the market today.

cube controls f-core mounted on my simulator
Cube Controls F-Core mounted on my simulator

In terms of functionality, there are 12 momentary buttons, two backlit toggle switches, four rotary encoders, and two multi-directional joysticks (funky switches), the possibilities for configuration (I often say “assignability”) are vast. The shifters, manufactured in nylon-carbon injected composite, provide a solid and dependable feel. These new paddle-shift designs are perhaps just a little softer and noiseless in comparison to the aluminium machined shifters on the higher-priced wheels. Further enhancing its usability, the F-Core offers a USB / Bluetooth dual mode, enabling both wired and wireless connections. A potent 2000mAh LiPo battery powers the wheel, promising up to 40 hours of use.

I really liked this wheel, and quite frankly it has everything you need for years of hard sim racing.

Cube Controls F-Pro

Cube Controls’ F-Pro (review link) steering wheel is very much a step into a higher-end level of sophistication. Its creation is inspired by direct collaboration with professional eSports athletes and rigorous testing in real-world sim racing conditions. The wheel is densely populated with noticeably more input options than the F-Core.

Cube Controls F-Pro with SQR hub
Cube Controls F-Pro with SQR hub

Our F-Pro is furnished with 13 push buttons, two toggle switches, and two multifunctional joysticks. The layout of these inputs is meticulously arranged for optimal ergonomics, allowing the driver to engage with an array of features without breaking the immersion or the grip. Everything is backlit and RGB configurable via Cube Control’s Cubeset software

rear - cube controls F-Pro
Paddleshift detail – Cube Controls F-Pro

The steering wheel’s construction is a fusion of strength and lightness, thanks to its carbon fibre front plate and machined aluminium back case. Cube Controls’ F-Pro not only provides an immersive driving experience but also ensures longevity and resilience against intensive usage. Those well-known and highly praised Cube Controls’ proprietary magnetic paddle shifters are featured, offering drivers an incredibly tactile and swift gear-shifting experience.

Cube Controls F-Pro - close up
Cube Controls F-Pro – close up

The F-Pro’s design philosophy places high emphasis on compatibility and ease of configuration. This steering wheel can effortlessly integrate with a wide range of direct-drive systems and comes with a USB coiled cable (the QCONN connector) to guarantee a straightforward setup process. You can run it as a USB game device or via your PC’s Bluetooth connection. F-Pro offers an impressive blend of a comprehensive control layout, top-tier construction, and versatile compatibility, making it a compelling choice for sim racers in pursuit of an immersive and competitive edge. I’ve spent ages with this wheel recently and I just like how it’s designed, constructed and how the RGB looks!

Cube Controls CSX-3

The CSX-3 (review link) is the flagship: sophisticated design and new technology, Cube Controls’ CSX-3 is a sim racing steering wheel that marries high-end performance with an intuitive interface and a bright, colourful Vocore (Simhub compatible) screen. The layout of the CSX-3 displays an intelligent use of space, providing drivers with a vast range of ergonomically well-thought-out options. With an impressive 28 inputs, including push buttons, multi-positional switches, rotary encoders, and joysticks, it accommodates all possible needs of a sim racer during intense driving sessions. The ergonomics of this wheel are designed meticulously, ensuring every control is in immediate reach and can be accessed without disrupting the racing experience.

Cube Controls CSX3
Cube Controls CSX3

Constructed with a combination of high-strength carbon fibre and CNC machined aluminium, the CSX-3 prioritises both durability and a lightweight feel. It also features Cube Controls’ applauded magnetic paddle shifters, delivering crisp and rapid gear changes. The wheel grip is made of a high-quality polyurethane mould, promising both comfort and optimal grip during extended racing sessions, hence enhancing overall driver performance.

CSX-3 in use mounted
CSX-3 – even in daylight the RGB and the screen are powerful enough to be highly visible

Ease of configuration is integral to the CSX-3 design. The wheel is compatible with a broad spectrum of direct-drive systems, thereby demonstrating its versatility in different racing setups. With an included USB coiled cable and connectors, the set-up process is convenient and user-friendly.

build detail - rear CSX-3
Build detail – CSX-3 (rear)

Combining a comprehensive control suite with a robust build and versatile compatibility, the CSX-3 steering wheel by Cube Controls is a phenomenal choice for sim racers looking to control every aspect of their racing through the steering wheel.

Cube Controls GT-Pro

The Cube Controls GT-Pro (review link) has a different design focus leaning towards touring car / classic GT simulation while maintaining that premium build quality. The wheel, while more expensive than some competitors, offers value in terms of quality and the features it provides. The rim in particular is a proper Motorsport rim, it feels solid in hand and is a joy to work with.

I own the “OMP GT Pro” version, which is now unavailable but so closely matches the current GT-Pro variation, it doesn’t matter. Here’s mine:

the OMP pro GT in situ
OMP GT Pro now replaced by the GT Pro

The GT-Pro’s build quality is superior, employing a thick carbon faceplate and an ultra-stiff OMP rim, providing a sturdy yet comfortable grip. This rigidity doesn’t detract from its usability; the wheel diameter is designed to fit the palms of your hands perfectly, enhancing the user experience during intense races.

The current Cube Controls GT Pro

Functionality is a key strength of the GT-Pro, featuring an array of control options. It comes equipped with two rotary encoders, a multi-directional joystick, and four toggle switches, providing ample customization options for racers. The paddles deserve special mention, offering a unique tactile feel that sets the GT-Pro apart. They’re designed with a cammed force profile for non-linear activation, which enhances the overall driving experience.

GT Pro - rear
GT Pro – engineering detail at rear

The buttons on the GT-Pro are backlit and VR-friendly, with a tactile plastic surround that makes them easy to locate during gameplay. As a bonus, the top two buttons flash when activated, adding an extra element of feedback. The GT-Pro, overall, presents an impressive package for the sim racer seeking a professional-grade, high-performing wheel with more of an interest in the “rookie” classes such as the Mazda MX5 Cup (get our livery here)

Cube Controls SP01 Pedals

The SP01 sim racing pedals (review link) from Cube Controls immediately impress with their anodized blue machined aluminium bodies and multi-coloured springs, elastomers, and hydraulic adjusters, which strikingly reflect the company’s commitment to aesthetics and technical excellence. The use of “Finite Element Method” (FEM) in their design process, a technique widely employed across various industries to analyze and optimize structures, has resulted in an exceptionally strong and durable product. This is particularly evident in the brake pedal body, which is built to withstand significant load (up to 200kg) and is made from CNC machined 6061 and 7075 aluminium. Despite this robustness, the pedal remains surprisingly lightweight.

Cube Controls SP01 Brake Pedal
Cube Controls SP01 Brake Pedal

The brake pedal demonstrates thoughtful design and exceptional attention to detail. It features a subtly textured die-cast faceplate that offers a smooth feel, optimizing grip whether you’re in socks or boots. The pedal boasts of fine-tuning capabilities through its spring preload adjustment, coupled with a custom-designed, fully hydraulic damper with twelve preload settings. This damper ensures adjustable damping characteristics to cater to various driving styles. The brake pedal set comes with colour-coded springs and elastomers to indicate different levels of stiffness, allowing for further customization and ease of use.

Cube Controls SP01 brake installed
Cube Controls SP01 brake installed

The throttle pedal, on the other hand, showcases a sleek and thick carbon faceplate with the SP01 logo embossed on it. It enables adjustment of the pedal throw, the distance the pedal travels, via an aluminum knob. The pedal’s main shaft features “high wear resistance plating” for durability and reduced friction, and the pedal also incorporates a self-lubricating nylon sleeve and a 16-bit resolution hall sensor to capture input accurately. Installation of the SP01 pedals is straightforward, although their mounting to profiles may require additional hardware not supplied by Cube Controls. The accompanying calibration software makes the calibration process very easy and provides features to adjust pedal press linearity and update the firmware.

cube controls SP01 sim racing pedals
Aluminium detail throughout is excellent

In terms of pedal feel, the brake pedal offers a satisfyingly adjustable experience, from the feeling of compression and decompression to the rebound. The brake is designed to accommodate aggressive inputs due to its raw stiffness, but it also allows for fine control over corner entry. In a nutshell, Cube Controls’ SP01 pedals present a robust and aesthetically pleasing product that I was more than happy to include in our pedals buyer’s guide.

Cube Controls Wheels & Pedals: Buyer’s Guide