How to set up Triple Monitors in iRacing

triple monitor sim racing setup
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Have you spent absolutely ages messing around with NVIDIA surround? It can be frustrating, can’t it?

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to set up your triples in iRacing’s “rendererDX11Monitor.ini” file. This file supersedes the original, now obsolete approach, which was to use the app.ini file.

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to set up triple monitors in iRacing without needing NVIDIA surround.

Firstly, head into iRacing and check that you’re in “Full Screen” and “Borderless Mode”. Close iRacing.

iRacing Graphics Options
iRacing Graphics Options

Find rendererDX11Monitor.ini

iRacing’s rendererDX11Monitor.ini file is located in your documents folder.

In my case that’s: C:\Users\Richard Baxter\Documents\rendererDX11Monitor.ini

rendererDX11Monitor ini file is located in this documents folder
rendererDX11Monitor.ini file is located in this documents folder

Before you begin, it might be wise to copy the default file and rename it to something like backup_rendererDX11Monitor.ini

Once you have rendererDX11Monitor.ini opened, scroll down to “[Display]” (I just use notepad for this!)

rendererDX11Monitor ini display settings
rendererDX11Monitor.ini display settings

Scroll a little further to find “windowedHeight=“, “windowedWidth=” and “windowedXPos=“.

windowedHeight=” Is the vertical resolution of your monitors, so a 1440p monitor (in my case) would be: windowedHeight=1440.

windowedWidth=” is the monitor’s horizontal pixel width, multiplied by 3. So I have three 2560×1440 monitors, taking the total pixel “windowedWidth=7680”.

windowedXPos=” Is an offset using the value of the horizontal resolution of your monitor so -2560 like so: “windowedXPos=-2560”.

Once you’ve updated these settings, save and close the file.

Finally, make sure that your monitor order is set so that you have the correct centre monitor. In NVIDIA control panel, it should look like this:

set primary display to centre for triple monitor use

Open iRacing and, entering into a simulation session, the image should now spread across all 3 monitors. This just leaves a FOV change to take care of and you’re ready to go!

The final step is to set the FOV and triple angle correctly, for which we need to jump to the triple monitors section on our FOV guide, here. Or, read the full article on FOV settings to build a really complete, and perfectly set up rig. Enjoy!

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How to set up Triple Monitors in iRacing