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Last updated: August 29th, 2022

Looking for an iRacing discount coupon? Read on…

iRacing is the fastest growing and most dynamic online racing community on the planet. You can amass years of racing experience in months in sim racing, take it from someone who does real track racing too – there’s nothing like the iRacing experience to help you move your driving and racecraft forward.

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Drive the Porsche 911 rsr in iRacing

Signup is easy – we’ll look at how to get started in just a few moments.

iRacing series partners
iRacing series partners: access the very real world of sim racing and win up to $300,000

What about the deals?

iRacing are currently offering coupons for 50% off all new memberships meaning you can save as much as $100 by signing up for a 2 year plan. If that seems a bit too long, no problem – 1 year at $55 is a great deal:

iracing coupon links
1 year of iRacing at $55 is a pretty great deal!

Also, it might be useful to know about these iRacing promo / discount codes, especially if you want to renew your membership:

iRacing Promo Coupon Code Offer Duration Price Link
PRHotlaps 3 Months $4.78 Sign Up
PR-Outlaws 12 Months $49.00 Sign Up
PR-GRIPTV 3 Months $12.00 Sign Up
2022NEXTGEN 1 year of iRacing for $20 $20.00 Sign Up
PR-2020Public12M 12 months $66.00 Sign Up
PR-2020Public24M 2 years $119.50 Sign Up
PR-21BF12 12 month renewal (expires December 4th 2021) $82.50 Sign Up
PR-21BF24 24 month renewal (expires December 4th 2021) $149.25 Sign Up

Building a sim racing rig: Does my system meet the requirements?

If you’re yet to build your sim racing setup, check out our guide to building a sim racing rig here.

If you already own a PC, provided that you have a reasonably up-to-date GPU, then you’ll be likely OK. If you’re not sure, use iRacing’s system requirements site to scan your PC.

Check your PC system requirements here

What about the rest of the gear?

You’ll need a cockpit (rig), wheelbase and wheel, pedals and monitors. Most of this is covered in our build guide, but do check out these resources too:

Getting started in iRacing

Finally, you’ll want to head to iRacing’s own “getting started” guide. We’ve just published an iRacing setup guide too. Enjoy!

That’s pretty much all you need to know to get started in the incredible world of iRacing – good luck!