(Free) iRacing Liveries for the MX5 Cup

MX5 Cup Livery Trading Paints

We’ve teamed up with SimRacing Designs to give away some Trading Paints liveries, starting with the Mazda MX5 cup. You can grab any of our liveries by heading to our Trading Paints profile here.

Psst! Our terms and conditions of use: Our (SIMRACINGCOCKPIT.COM designed by SimRacingDesigns.co.uk) liveries are publicly available to use on Tradingpaints.com. The design can not be taken/saved/altered in anyway without prior consent as stated in the Trading Paints Terms of Service. Abuse of these Terms may result in a Copyright Infringement report made to relevant parties, hosts, software developers and Trading Paints. Thanks!

MX5 Cup (Orange / Black / White / Pink)

Install from the showroom here.

MX5 Cup (Green / Black / White)

Here’s the green version – which you can grab from the Trading Paints showroom here.

We’ve got more to follow (Ferarri, Porsche GT3, Formula Vee and the iR-04) – watch this space!