Our Affiliate Policy

If you’re here, you might be wanting to understand how sites like SIMRACINGCOCKPIT.com make money. Think of this site as a small online publisher, with costs that include hosting, time to build content, and so on.

My editorial policy

When you read a recommendation or a review in a buyer’s guide or how to article, you’re reading about the equipment I actually own or have used in the past.

I don’t get sent equipment to review, nor do I receive compensation from manufacturers for producing content on this website. I am a freelance writer for other sim racing companies.

Most of the equipment I keep, which is why the upgrades have been coming thick and fast on my sim rig! The rest I resell on eBay or leave on the shelf for updates, technical support or just to look nice. As my job involves knowing and understanding this kit, if you were to visit my office you’d see lots of cool sim racing gear on the shelves! The best of it, of course, is mounted on my sim rig.

I get a lot of thank you emails from people who I have been able to help, which brings me a great deal of satisfaction.

How this website creates revenue

 As a participant in Amazon’s Associate program and similar affiliations with other retailers and sim equipment manufacturers, I. (SIMRACINGCOCKPIT.COM) receive a small payment whenever a product I have recommended in our content is purchased.

This is at no cost to you but certainly helps with the costs associated with being a small online publisher and sim racer.

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please just contact me.

Thank you!