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Racing gloves in the sim – should I wear them?

sparco racing gloves for the sim

Personally, I don’t think wearing racing gloves in the sim is as impactful on your driving as say, a good pair of race or karting boots. With that said, a lot of sim drivers do wear gloves and probably just as many, don’t.

Lando Norris in the sim (image source)

I own two pairs of FIA approved racing gloves. A pair of Sparco RG-7’s (see here):

Sparco RG7
My Sparco RG7’s on the wheel
Freem Senso Gloves
A pair of older Freem Senso gloves

The Sparco Arrow Evo RG-7 race gloves are FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3/5 approved, meaning they can be used in racing too. They come in five colours and offer a fantastic combination of a snug fit, lots of steering grip thanks to their HTX printed silicon grips.

This year’s Sparco RG7’s – index finger grip has worn slighly.

The Freem Senso 16’s are definitely the more fashionable choice – you see a lot of professional drivers in the upper categories wearing Freem kit. They have a very brightly patterned grip, although I’ll add there is less provision for grip than their Sparco counterparts.

Older freem sensos
My older Freem Senso 16’s (Manufactured 2016)

Both gloves give a nice amount of additional grip on the wheel, particularly anything with Alcantara / Suede wrapping. There’s a very sturdy, real steering wheel feel from using gloves, and teh grip on the fingers makes paddleshifting a slightly less error prone affair.

My Fanatec wheel tends to leave my hands quite black after an hour or so of use, and not only will gloves keep your hands clean, they’ll help to preserve the wheel too.

On a negative side, you get much hotter wearing gloves! If that doesn’t bother you, go ahead and try them. On a lower budget, karting gloves are just as effective.

if heat is an issue, try a lightweight glove like these Alpinestars Radars (below), or the popular Alpinestars F-Lite cycling gloves

Alpinestars Radar Gloves are light, breathable and have silicon grips on the fingertips

For me, I’m a non gloves person on the wheel. But for authenticity and for the less temperature sensitive, I’d strongly recommend you give them a try.